Final leg of LASSIE tour

The final leg of the LASSIE tour where I have been trekking about the UK talking about the project is coming to an end. Tomorrow I am visiting the Department of Information and Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University. Thanks to Bob Glass and Seamus Simpson who invited me to speak at a research seminar. I have uploaded my talk to SlideShare for those of you who are interested. In the final section I thought it was useful to reflect on how all I have learnt about web 2.0 is impacting on the information literacy teaching I do. This is timely as I have just starting teaching MI512, an LSE course for PhD students, which is also supported in Moodle. We have around 20 PhD students coming along for 6 sessions, which include elements of information literacy, searching traditional databases, mixed up with using tools such as iGoogle, Google Reader and Delicious. I’ll report further on this course as the term progresses, but this afternoon we just did the session on Going Beyond Google.


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