Back to work, dreaming of Egypt

Kon Ombo temple at night

It’s been hectic since I returned to work, so I seem to be finding it harder to make time to blog. However, term has now finally finished which means I have this week to catch up and take a breath finally! I seem to be doing a lot more teaching now. Last week for example, I was delivering copyright training for staff on Tuesday, teaching the final Methodology Institute class for PhD students on Wednesday, and helping some masters students go ‘Beyond Google’ on Friday. This week is thankfully less busy, although I have been working on the LILAC programme and will be contacting everyone who submitted a paper in the next day or so. It’s a good time of year to try to catch up and also get ahead for next term. I’ll need to devise the Digital Literacy programme, but also be working with my colleague from the library to revamp MI512 for the Lent Term in light of the feedback both from students, but also from the Teaching and Learning Centre who observed one of our sessions. This is all part of taking the PG Certificate in Higher Education and over Christmas I will be working on my first assignment for the course! So no rest for me!


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