Blogs and more blogs

Just when I am struggling to find the time to blog, perhaps because I have been working too hard and not reflecting enough, then lots of other people have started setting up blogs. LSE Archives have a new blog called Out of the Box, following some input from CLT about how they might use different web 2.0 technologies a few months ago. I also see that Birkbeck library are using various blogs all hosted on

I was interested to see this new piece of research on web 2.0 tools and researchers that the RIN have commissioned. And I’ve just had details of a CILIP UC&R Southwest event in June next year about supporting researchers. Both sound extremely interesting.
I’m going to be spending much of Christmas working on my first assignment for the PG View from Philae Temple, AswanCertificate in teaching I am doing. I’ve got to reflect on my teaching this term, and I’m mainly using my PhD group who took MI512 this term as my case study. I had my first teaching observation last week, which was pretty nerve wracking, but the feedback was good. I’m going to be determined next term to try all sorts of tips and tricks to get them away from the screens when I am talking though! Also one of the main bits of feedback was perhaps we are being too ambitious in what we cover in our sessions. All good advice I need to take on board for Lent Term. Next term we already have around 15 signed up for the course, which is with no publicity as yet!

Finally the LILAC parallel sessions have been drafted and I’ve been busy notifying all the people who submitted papers about whether they have been successful or not. It’s worth noting that we had an overwhelming number of proposals this year of really good quality. So well done if you had your paper accepted and don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t. Competition was tough! Happy Christmas everyone!


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