Matt’s been posting so I don’t have to!

Snow cat meets EllieI don’t know where the time is going at the moment. All of a sudden it’s February and we’re knee deep in teaching (and snow!) hence today’s picture. Last week I was in Cardiff for the final planning meeting for LILAC 2009, which is at the end of March – not long now! MI512 started for the Lent Term, with 25 students signed up and lots of work to do, revamping the sessions in light of last term and our reflections for the PG Cert.

Matt has highlighted two things – one on his blog, one on the CLT blog, including the 2009 Horizon report which I meant to blog about as it always makes interesting reading. He’s also reporting on a further study suggesting the Digital Native is a myth, so going the same way of the ‘Google Generation’ label. And yet more interesting research coming out of Glasgow Caledonian.

Next Monday I’ll be presenting at the University of London’s Centre for Distance Education conference at SOAS, a final hurrah for LASSIE. I’ve been searching for a picture of Lassie heading off into the sunset for some time to illustrate it! Anyway, stay warm everyone and enjoy the snow-cat!


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