What’s all this Twittering about then?

I started using Twitter a few weeks ago and approached it with some degree of skepticism, thinking its another web 2.0 tool, haven’t I got enough to do, but I am starting to find it vaguely addictive! I’m collecting followers and following various people and amazed how many others seem to be using it for professional purposes (as well as some general chatter). I’m jsecker on Twitter if anyone is interested.

This morning while chatting to Vicky Owen from Liverpool John Moores, I found she was using Twitter, as was LSE’s Data Librarian, Dave Puplett, who joined us for a chat about mobile libraries and mobile learning. Vicky’s research into how libraries might using mobile devices is really interesting and led Dave to check out whether people were accessing our library catalogue on a mobile. Thanks to Google Analytics we could see over 800 accesses via iphones which was interesting!  More information about the project is available from the project blog.

This afternoon I had a second visitor, this time from the International School in Zurich. Mark Dilworth is the IT Curriculum Coordinator and we had a lot of similar interests in web 2.0 technologies, libraries and learning and information and digital literacies. He’s going to put me in touch with some librarians in his school and I hope there is plenty of potential for collaboration in the future. Mark’s so far resisted using Twitter, but I wonder if I found myself telling him how useful it was. Have I been converted? I certainly like the way Twitter is now updating my Facebook status although for people I know socially, they find my tweets about e-portfolios or copyright slightly worrying!

I ended the day being filmed talking about copyright and e-learning, it’s partly an experiment to try and engage staff with a short video to compliment all the written guides and web pages we have. But I also am working on a short video to promote my new book I’m writing for Facet, Copyright and E-learning. Watch this space, once it goes on Your Tube I will let everyone know!


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