Doing too much?

Trees in mid wales

I’m starting to wonder if I might be doing too much at the moment and hardly have time to blog since I started Twittering! But seriously after a run through my calendar this week I am juggling so many different projects at the moment! In the information / digital literacy area I’m getting lots of queries about LILAC 2009 from speakers and presenters as we’ve opened the bookings for parallel sessions and it is just over 2 weeks to go!! I’ve also just submitted an exemplar to the LLIDA project about our Digital Literacy Programme that is now on the LLIDA wiki (I’ve also agreed to put the programme into Moodle this week). And this afternoon sees the final MI512 session for this term for research students. We’ll be collecting the feedback from them as well which is being used in my LILAC presentation.

On the copyright side of things, last week’s LIS-copyseek event in Manchester went well although I think I need a separate blog post to report on it. I’ve been updating LSE’s copyright poster about the CLA Licence, and I’m been finalising the digitisation survey that June Hedges from UCL and I are about to launch. I’ll post the link once the survey goes live but it will be circulated via LIS-copyseek.

Finally I’m hoping to meet up with the academic who is leading our new course at LSE called Thinking Like a Social Scientist next week, to work how how we embed information skills into the curriculum. And we had a second planning meeting for a large scale event in June which is now going to be called the “LSE Teaching Day”. CLT, the Teaching and Learning Centre, Library and IT will be involved and Howard Davies has agreed to open the event aimed at teaching staff at LSE. More to follow in due course.


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