Cardiff has LILAC fever!

Sunset at Pallatine Hill

It’s just a few days now to the highlight of many librarians social calendar – LILAC 2009 – the conference where you get to learn a lot about best practice in information literacy, network with lots of fun librarians and have a bop at the conference dinner in your finery!I’ll be heading to Cardiff on Sunday for pre-conference organisation. I’ll be taking my laptop and twittering if I can get onto the Cardiff wireless network, so you can follow me on Twitter. I’m presenting at the conference with my colleague Rowena from the Library about the course we’ve been teaching for PhD students, MI512, which is a six week information literacy programme. We’ve been using this course as the basis for our reflections as we’re both doing the PG Cert. Hot off the press feedback from this term showed students confidence in terms of finding published literature and searching the internet doubled after doing the programme!

I’ve been following the Digital Literacy Debate discussions on the WetPaint site with interest this week and I am hoping to join the event tomorrow from 1pm. We’re also hosting an M25 Learning Technologist event at LSE tomorrow at the same time, so I will try to be in two places at once! For those coming to LILAC, I look forward to seeing you next week, for those not you can follow the tweets using the #lilac09 tag!


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