LILAC blog round up

I’ve come across a number of blog reports from LILAC 2009. In addition Dave Pattern has the word LILAC on his hot stuff 2.0 as word of the day and this pulls together reports from various sources. Anyway, here goes with the links I’ve found. Vicky Owen has a great report from LILAC and some top tips for those attending the conference next year (plus a new meaning for LILAC!). She has also blogged about Melissa Highton’s keynote on the overlap between digital and information literacy.
Sheila Webber has several LILAC-related blog posts including one on using research trails, another on the various awards at LILAC, a nice report of mine and Rowena’s paper on PhD students at LSE, and various others tagged using the ‘lilac09‘. Moira Bent was also blogging about LILAC and has some nice write ups of various sessions I didn’t manage to attend focusing on the links between schools and universities. Finally, the university of Leicester have a report on LILAC on their Library Blog. Have a good weekend everyone!


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