Thinking about teaching

Yellow poppy at Dovedale

I’ve been really busy recently doing a lot of teaching, what with MI512 kicking off for the summer term and actually getting some bookings for my Copyright, the Internet and Teaching online course today. I was also teaching ‘Keeping up to date’ this morning, and last week Athina and I led a session on Facebook: myths and facts, which I think we’d like to run again. I’ve got to complete my portfolio for the PGCert (in paper format currently) but it’s a really useful exercise to try and put this into the various e-portfolio systems we are currently trialling. I really appreciated my weekend break in Buxton (hence the photo above, taken at Dovedale).

Preparations are also fully underway for LSE’s first Teaching Day and some sessions are now fully booked! I’m leading two sessions during the day, including one for lecturers to help their students get the most out of Google and one on web 2.0 tools for teaching. I’ve made the Digital Literacy course in Moodle open to guest access if anyone wants to take a look at the type of sessions we are running in this programme.

Matt’s done a great summary of the recent publication on Higher Education in the web 2.0 world which I’ve yet to find five minutes to read in any detail as yet. My Google Reader is overloaded and I wasn’t a great example of someone using it to keep up to date this morning! That said, I have been continuing to gather followers on Twitter although I’m not sure I’ve been saying much of interest recently!
Finally I’ll be racing for life at Crystal Palace in a few weeks and if you are feeling generous and charitable, do consider sponsoring me – all goes to Cancer Research – a great cause!


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