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Poppies at Sissinghurst for D-Day

Two colleagues at LSE have recently set up blogs as ways of targeting people interested in specific topics. So Maria, the law librarian has set up Legal information resources update for those interested in Law and my colleague Heather has transferred her weekly e-mail about new research to a LSE Library Research Blog. This is in addition to Dave’s Data Library blog which has been going for a little while now. I’m impressed with these blogs, but perhaps we need some way of feeding all the content onto the News pages of the website? I understand the website is being re-launched soon as LSE has bought a new content management system. So look out for further developments!

I meanwhile seem to be struggling to find time to write on my blog, so apologies. I’ve been really busy teaching and preparing for next week’s big event, LSE Teaching Day. It’s an internal event for staff and we really hope to raise the profile of teaching and get people enthused. That said, there are a lot of people coming through our doors these days and I did a Moodle training session just last week for a group of international history lecturers. Anyway, I’ll report on the Teaching Day after Tuesday and possibly when I get back from Devon, as I’ll be heading down to the CILIP UC&R DARTS event on supporting researchers, which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve also got some serious writing to do for the Facet book I am working on, plus analysing the data from the recent scanning in higher education survey I did. Sometimes I think I have too much on…..


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