Busy with meetings despite the sunshine

Courtyard in the Alcazar, Seville

I seem to have a busy few weeks lined up despite is almost being the end of term. This week I’m chairing the Heron User Group meeting on Thursday at the University of Westminster. We have an exciting agenda lined up discussing scanning under the CLA Licence, results from a survey on digitisation in higher education, a discussion about reading lists and a presentation from Talis about their new product Aspire. Then on Friday we have a LILAC committee review meeting to discuss this year’s conference and start planning for next year. I hope we will be able to announce the location of LILAC 2010 shortly after the meeting.

Next week I’m going to be at the York University for what has been described as an iSymposium, looking at audio and video production. My colleague Sarah and I will be presenting about the services we offer at LSE and the pro’s and cons of producing these types of materials in-house. Our staff survey this year certainly revealed that the lecture capture system at LSE has provoked some strong reactions from staff. But we’ll be largely talking about materials we’ve produced with tools such as Camtasia such as the citing and referencing podcast. This week is MSc Support week at LSE, so I’ve also been teaching citing and referencing classes and encouraging students to look at all the supporting resources in the Library Companions in Moodle. It’s no surprise to me that many of them are struggling with literature searching and relying on Google rather than library databases. With that in mind, I’m writing a response to the recent CLEX report on Higher Education in the Web 2.0 world for the CILIP Information Literacy group – lots of intersting things about libraries as ‘third places’ and students lacking IL skills.


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