I love Flickr

Max - one of my new kittens

I have been writing about Flickr this weekend for my new book from Facet on Copyright and E-learning and I just had to say the more I use Flickr the more I really love it. For example, when looking today at the Library of Congress‘s photostream I came across these wonderful old photographs of different parts of Wales. There are a set of old photos of Aberystwith (sic). I particularly recommend Flickr for finding creative commons licensed photographs, although I was pleased to see you can now do a Google Image search for creative commons images as well (about time too!). You do need to do an advanced search though and personally I don’t find many people getting beyond the simple search. But by modifying the usage rights you can find images you are free to use.


One thought on “I love Flickr

  1. Oooh, I’ve also been feeling much love for Creative Commons recently, having found some images I used to construct me website’s graphics from.

    It’s also worth approaching people on Flickr who haven’t put their work on any of the Creative Commons licences, and just asking them if they’re okay with you using their pictures if you find something particularly useful. That’s what I did with the picture of the M5 Wicker Man I use on all my pages, and the photographer kindly gave me permission to use it.

    – Ned

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