For she’s a jolly good Fellow

I’m very pleased to announce that I have been appointed as a Fellow of the University of London’s Centre for Distance Education. This is the Centre that funded the LASSIE project so I hope to build on the work I did in 2007-8. You can find out more about what the Fellows are expected to do from the CDE Fellowship web pages. I’ve got to write something about the work I’ll do as part of my Fellowship, so I have been thinking I would like to update the LASSIE literature review. There has been a lot of great work in UK libraries since this was published. I would also like to do some evaluation work on the information literacy course I developed for LSE’s External programme known as IRIS (Improving your Reading and Information Skills). Finally, I’m really interested in reading lists and how we can improve these and make creating them easier for academic staff.This ties in with a lot of work I’m doing at the moment on reading lists in Moodle.
On a related note, I was particularly pleased to hear that Talis Education have launched what they call the Talis Incubator, to fund projects in the open education arena. It strikes me that there could be some potential opportunities to explore how social bookmarking tools might help facilitate the creation of reading lists.

At the University of SevilleFinally, in a few weeks Debbi Boden and I will be off to New Jersey, partly on a work related trip, promoting LILAC 2010. We’re visiting and staying with Jacqui Weetman-Dacosta, who is now based at the College of New Jersey. She’s taking me along to meet some information literacy librarians at Monmouth University and a little known fact is that Jon Bon Jovi once gave a speech there! We’ll also be visiting Princeton University and Princeton public library, where I’ve been invited to a Phillippa Gregory book launch by Leslie Burger, the Head of Princeton Public Library, and a keynote at last year’s LILAC.


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