Philly cheese steak and Liberty burger

View of Manhatten from the Ellis Island ferry
Today we visited Princeton University, but before I tell you about the visit, here’s a quick post about our weekend. Debbi and I took the train to Philadelphia on Saturday from West Trenton. We planned our visit on the train, using various guidebooks from Jacqui. Debbi discovered an area full of Irish bars, so that was high on our list, whereas most people go to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the historical district! In fact we wandered all about the historical district, starting at the visitor centre and of course passing by the old Library. We visited the City Tavern, the oldest pub in Philadelphia, plus Elfreth’s Alley which has buildings dating from the 18th century and is the old street in the US. We also visited the grave of Benjamin Franklin (did you know he was a librarian!) Debbi had a Philly cheese steak and a pint for lunch, while I stuck to a wrap and a Bud!

Sunday we drove to Liberty State Park where we took the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was a fab day out and we took many many photos. I think we managed to avoid visiting any libraries all day. (No, we actually visited the Bob Hope Memorial Library!)  We had a great (large) lunch at Ellis Island – a Liberty burger with a view of the Manhatten skyline. The sun shone all day and we headed back to Jacqui and Gary’s for dinner.

I think it must be mentioned that Jane has taken up a challenge to eat as much American food as she can.  This evening Jacqui and Gary took us to a Diner where George Clooney had once eaten.  A huge starter salad was followed by an enormous plate of eggplant with Cheese and tomato sauce on top and a large bowl of spaghetti on the side.  Not quite full Jane then proceeded to eat a HUGE piece of New York cheesecake.  We had to roll her into the car!


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