Princeton, Philippa and donut overload

Leslie Burger, Debbi Boden and I at Princeton Public Library

We’re now in Manhatten on the last night of our trip, but just had to post about the last few days in Princeton, where we had such a fantastic time. On Monday we visited Princeton University and met several library colleagues including Trevor Dawes, Keith Gresham and Mary George. We were also really pleased to be introduced to Karen Trainer, the University Librarian. It was a fascinating morning at the Firestone Library where we learnt about the Kindle ebook pilot that Princeton are undertaking this term with around 60 undergraduates – digitising key readings and giving them a Kindle – ebook reader. We were then taken for lunch at the Woodrow Wilson Centre restaurant in the house he lived in while President of Princeton. The garden was fabulous and the meal was really delicious. After lunch we had a tour of the new Lewis Library, which is an amazing building designed by Geary. I’ll add some photos later! In the afternoon we then visited The College of New Jersey, Jacqui’s college which has a beautiful library and campus. We were particularly pleased to see the lovely comfy seating, the library cafe and Jacqui’s office – now we can picture her when she e-mails!

Tuesday we were back in Princeton after a shopping trip all morning at the Quaker Bridge Mall – Debbi needed an extra suitcase! We then visited Leslie Burger, our host for the next day who gave us a tour of the Princeton Public Library first off. Again another lovely new library which has a traditional library atmosphere, while provided all sorts of facilities such as a used bookstore, a wonderful children’s library and again a great cafe. The evening was the real highlight of our trip though, where Leslie had got us VIP tickets to attend the Philippa Gregory book launch and talk in Princeton. We had front row seats and a mention in Leslie’s introductory talk. Philippa then took to the stage and didn’t disappoint us talking about English royalty, the Tudors and the Plantagenets the subject of her new book – the White Queen. We were then whisked to the front of the book signing queue by Leslie and I had literally 20 seconds to tell Philippa how much I and many women I know love her books! She signed one of my copies twice as well and didn’t believe Debbi who told her we had come to Princeton to see her! We did also have the honour of having to supply PG with a peppermint tea bag when Princeton library staff mislaid the tea! What a day and what a trip!

Jane has forgotton to mention the donuts!  On Tuesday we bought a box of 12 Dunkin Donuts in a variety of flavours.  They are so cheap compared to the UK.  Before leaving for the PG event we sat on Jacqui’s lovely decking with a G & T (Bacardi and coke in my case) and donuts!  We mentioned to Leslie how much we enjoyed the donuts and when we got up for breakfast on Wednesday we found Leslie with freshly brewed coffee and guess what, another box of donuts!  Leslie had got up extra early and been and bought a box.  We have not been able to look a donut in the face since, however we will be trying New York cheesecake tonight.  The diets start on Saturday!


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