Princeton Kindle pilot

Kindle pilot at Princeton

I briefly reported that I had visited Princeton University Library while in the States earlier this month and spoke to Trevor Dawes about the e-reader pilot they are undertaking this term with undergraduate students. Basically around 60 students are being given Amazon Kindle’s preloaded with all their course readings. This includes some e-book material from Amazon, plus some of the electronic reserves (which are a bit like readings we scan in the UK under the CLA Licence). Students and staff were having induction / training sessions in how to use the Kindle on the day we arrived and I was really interested in hearing how this would progres. I just picked up a post from the Open Culture blog that was reporting on a story from the Daily Princetonian that suggests the students are lessed that wowed with the initiative, with many finding the Kindle difficult to use and ‘disappointing’. The project has been partly sponsored by Amazon, and with the Kindle’s priced at around $499 it is difficult to imagine how this could be rolled out more widely. I’ll be keeping an eye out for future reports though.


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