Information literacy and PhD students

Art at Princeton Public LibraryI don’t think I’ve blogged recently about the course I’ve been teaching, MI512, which is for PhD students at LSE and ran each term last year – so three times in total. My colleague from the library, Rowena Macrae-Gibson and I started teaching it again this term. Yesterday was the third session out of six and we have a really enthusiastic bunch of students again.

I was invited to speak to the Psychology librarians group today about information literacy so focused on some of the work we’ve been doing for MI512. I also presented at our lunchtime seminar for staff on How I use Moodle, using MI512 as my example. My presentation for the psychology librarians on Information and digital literacies for PhD students is on SlideShare if you’d like to see it. Of course it was an opportunity to promote LILAC again and several of the group had been to previous conferences. We had a lively discussion about how current students are lacking information skills and often seem baffled by library databases. Many of those attending are also trying to make real progress getting information literacy embedded into the curriculum. And we had a useful talk about how to deal with students who book to come on sessions and then fail to show up! Currently I am trying to shame them by e-mailing all the no-shows and asking why they didn’t come!


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