Reaching the end of my latest challenge

The road home in the Peak DistrictI’ve just sent the last chapters of my book, Copyright and E-learning to Facet, which feels like a real achievement. I spent quite a lot of Christmas and New Year working on the book. Fortunately the recent snowy weather meant I wasn’t tempted to head out into the garden and could concentrate on writing! I’d got to the stage where I was dreaming about terms of the CLA Licence, so if I hadn’t finished it soon I am concerned I would have been certified!I’ve been bookmarking useful resources on copyright I’ve found in my delicious account which some people might find helpful.

So apologies for the lack of blogging, but I’m now back and able to concentrate on other things. I’d also like to thank everyone who’s helped me over the last 8 months, the book has got seven case studies from institutions including UCL, University of Oxford, Zurich International School, Brunel University, University of Auckland and of course LSE.


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