Copyright, trademarks and travels

I seem to be answering more and more queries about copyright at the moment from staff at LSE. Perhaps someone thinks I know something about this topic! I suppose I know a little and I’m also pleased to report I’ve finished the corrections to my book, so awaiting the proofs now which is exciting.

Tomorrow I’m off to a CLA Surveys and Data Working Group meeting at the University of Sheffield, so tomorrow will be a copyright day as well. And we have a Heron User Group meeting on the 10th March at Kings College, so if anyone (it’s open to all not just Heron members) would like to book a place the agenda and booking form are online.

Finally anyone who’s been looking at the LILAC website recently will notice we now have LILAC registered as a trademark. I’m just trying to get my head round what this might mean, but the IPO website has an excellent overview. Registered delegates should look out for the parallel bookings opening soon as well – although you will get an e-mail about this. The programme has been finalised and we have two great events for delegates staying on in Ireland – including a walking tour of Limerick and a trip to St John’s Castle. I’ll certainly be staying on visiting the west coast of Ireland. And while on the subject of travels, I’ll be away a few days in Cornwall, so back blogging soon with some new photos!


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