LSE Teaching Day and information literacy

We’ve just announced the date of the LSE Teaching Day (18th May 2010) which is an internal event to highlight good practice in teaching at the School. I’ve been asked to help a colleague put together a panel to debate the issue of whether we are teaching a ‘Google generation’ and what special considerations we need to make if so? It’s one way of raising the issue of information literacy to academics and we are hoping to get a student and some colleagues from academic departments on the panel. That reminds me, Educause have produced a good article about information literacy – the neglected core competency. Digital media literacy was also highlighted as one of the critical challenges for 2010 in the recent Horizon report.

Students on our new undergraduate course, LSE100 are currently studying the ending of the Cold War and why such events are difficult to predict. The need for full evidence was an important factor cited by Professor Michael Cox in last week’s lecture. I’ve been enjoying attending the lectures as last time I studied the Cold War I don’t think it had finished! Students are also making use of all the information skills resources in Moodle and last week got to see all the materials about avoiding plagiarism and citing correctly I prepared.

Finally, LILAC 2010 is keeping me busy. The parallel booking system is now open, so delegates can sign up for which sessions they want to attend. I notice with trepidation that my session on Libraries and learning 2020 is now fully booked, so I had better start preparing seriously! I will be arguing that by 2020 teaching information literacy will be redundant as technology will have evolved to such a level that everything will be seemless and intuative to use. Ha! If only!


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