Looking forward to LILAC in Limerick

Limerick sign post
I’ve had two lots of sad news recently, so haven’t felt like writing much, but I am looking forward to a week away in Ireland starting on Sunday and I’m dedicating this post to my father in law, Ken Hayward and my grandad, Herbert Cole who are both sadly missed.

Meanwhile, life rolls on and the LILAC conference in Limerick starts Sunday evening (for international delegates) with a welcome event. We then start the pre-conference workshops on Monday morning and the conference gets underway properly at lunchtime. It’s an exciting programme over the three days, with three keynote speakers and numerous papers, workshops and posters.

Rosie Jones and I will be taking part in a debate as part of the pre-conference workshops on the state of Libraries and Learning in 2020. We’ll be arguing that technology offers a solution to many of the information literacy issues we face today. We’ve been inspired by a host of popular films such as the Matrix (knowledge streamed directly into the brain) and Total Recall (virtual reality being used to replace things such as holidays). Joking aside, I  often feel that we are in an interim at the moment, where we have access to a lot of technology, but it’s not quite at the point of being easy to use and doesn’t always work as it should. Will it ever really evolve to such a level that we won’t want to, or need to teach students to think critically though? Probably not, but come along and join the debate. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones going to LILAC, we are using the tag #lilac2010 so you can follow in Twitter. Jo Alcock has usefully put together a list of people who use Twitter and who are going to LILAC.

LILAC runs from Monday until Wednesday and I’m hoping to find some time, between sorting the parallel sessions, enjoying myself at the exciting social events and chairing sessions to write something on the blog.


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