CDE events in April and May

Three up and coming workshops which might be of interest – all provided by the University of London’s Centre for Distance Education.


Student retention: why bother? Tuesday 20 April, 12.30pm, STB9 (Stewart House, basement)


We are pleased to welcome Ormond Simpson, Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Distance Education, to the University to conduct a short seminar series looking at aspects of drop-out from distance education and how students’ retention might be improved.  Each seminar will be about 30 minutes long and participants are welcome to bring their lunch to the sessions.  There will be discussion time afterwards for colleagues able to stay longer.


The first seminar is Student Retention, why bother? It will look at how we can measure retention in distance education, what are the (sometimes surprising) results and what the consequences of student dropout are for students, institutions and governments.


To reserve a place on the first session and for information on subsequent seminars please email or call 0207 8628404.


The series continues with the following sessions:


Ø  Theories of student support. Tuesday 11 May, 12.00pm, ST275 (Stewart House, second floor)

Ø  A formula for student retention.  Thursday 3 June, 12.30pm, STB7 (Stewart House, basement)

Ø  Course Design, e-learning and student retention what do we need to know? June (date and location TBC)


Feedback as dialogue and learning technologies: can e-assessment be formative?

Thursday 29 April, 12.30pm-2.00pm


Room 104 (Senate House, first floor)


Dr Stylianos Hatzipanagos (King’s Learning Institute at King’s College London) is conducting a seminar drawn from two projects that explored a range of assessment practices, and examined how they are implemented by establishing and comparing attitudes to assessment amongst tutors and students within three ODL environments: University of London (external programmes), King’s College London (ODL programmes) and the Open University.


The seminar will:


Ø  Put forward a conceptual model of formative assessment and examine how this can be made to work purposefully within the specific constraints of ODL;


Ø  Explore the relationship between formative assessment and learning technologies and the opportunities for computer mediated communication and dialogue in these environments.


Ø  The findings have the potential to help academics to consider different approaches to assessment and improve the use of learning technologies to support the teaching and learning process.


Lunch will be provided for this free seminar.  To book a place at the event please contact the CDE by email or phone 0207 8628404.


Why bids fail: Bidding for EU ICT research projects  Thursday 20 May, 12.30pm-2.00pm


Room G37 (Senate House, ground floor)


This seminar, conducted by Professor Stephen Brown (Visiting CDE Fellow and Professor of Learning Technologies and Director of Knowledge Media Design at De Montfort University) will look to give an insider’s view on bidding for EU research funds. It will focus on EU FP7 IST research instruments (IPs, STREPS etc), what they are, how they are evaluated, why bids fail and what a successful bid looks like. This will be grounded in Professor Brown’s experiences of evaluating Digital Libraries, Cultural Heritage and Technology Enhanced Learning proposals in framework programmes 6 and 7, including the most recent call (call 5) in 2009.


Lunch will be provided for this free seminar.  To book a place at the event please contact the CDE by email or phone 0207 8628404.





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