Improving you web presence

This was the title of a new workshop that Matt Lingard and I ran on Monday with Marina Benjamin, who is the former Royal Literary Fellow at LSE. She is running a number of workshops for academic staff at LSE over the next few weeks. Our workshop was based on some sessions Matt has run in the past about managing your digital footprint, it included some advanced internet material from some of my sessions and an overview of open access repositories, some of our web 2.0 stuff, plus some material on writing for the web – again from a new course Matt teaches for Netskills.

We had five academics who attended the half day workshop and I think they all went away having learnt something. I did too! We also explored how an academic’s web presence at LSE can easily become distributed and inconsistent if staff have an LSE Experts page, a departmental web page, a personal web page, in addition to all the material put on the web about them by other people that they can’t necessarily control. One of the exercises the participants enjoyed was to Google each other to find out as much as possible from what was on the web. They also had to map their web presence on paper after seeing an example that Matt had done. In both our cases, our blogs were quite central to our web presence, linking to many of the other places on the web where we appear. We also highlighted how staff could use LSE Research Online to deposit their research outputs and then have this feed automatically onto their Expert page. You can see an example of this on my LSE Expert page. However, it reminded me I need to deposit some more recent publications! It was a good workshop, and there was lots to think about.


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