Presenting here, there and everywhere!

Kensington roof gardens

I seem to be presenting quite a few times in the next few weeks, starting on Thursday, at the Heron User Group meeting at the University of Sheffield. I’ll be talking about results of the scanning survey I conducted last year with June Hedges from UCL. I also chair the meeting, so it will be a busy day. We recently put a short summary of our findings online if you are interested and it appears in my recent book published by Facet.
Then the following week I’ll be starting the week down in Exeter at the UC&R / CoFHE conference, running a workshop with my colleague Matt Lingard about some of the web 2.0 workshops we run at LSE on topics such as using Google Reader and delicious. On the 23rd June I am back in London and talking to a group of Bloombury staff about copyright, e-learning and scanning. Then on the 6th July I am giving a seminar as part of my Fellowship for the Centre for Distance Education at the University of London. I’m talking about the LASSIE project: libraries and social software 3 years on. If you want to book a place on this seminar then get in touch with Tom Inklaar at the CDE. I’ve just lined up a few more things later in July, but I’ll post about those in due course. Finally, I’ve got two meetings coming up about information literacy, the first is the CSG-IL group meeting at CILIP, and then we have a LILAC debrief / planning for 2011 meeting. Phew!


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