Lecture capture: attitudes of academic staff

Next week I’ll be attending the Learning Technology conference ALT-C which is being held at University of Nottingham. I’ve not been to ALT for several years, as I made a vow not to attend unless I was presenting. My colleagues Steve Bond and Sonja Grussendorf and I will be presenting results from research we’ve been doing with academic staff at LSE about their attitudes towards lecture capture. I had the pleasure of doing the literature review, which we’re going to put on our website before the conference. I also did some of the interviews with academics. I don’t want to spoil it for those of you attending the conference, but needless to say staff are very divided over the issue of recording their lectures. Some staff were extremely positive about the value of it for student learning, whereas others were strongly opposed to the idea, fearing it over-emphasised the importance of lectures, led students to become more passive and of course, might reduce attendance. I’m going to be blogging while at ALT next week and created a tag for the event so this can be fed into a joint conference blog. Before then I’m catching up on my e-mail after a week’s leave, preparing for our staff induction events and getting started with Project DELILA.


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