Cambridge Curriculum for information literacy

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Happy New Year! Apologies about the lateness in my first post of 2011. I have been regularly posting on the DELILA blog as I tried to get work finished for our Steering Group tomorrow. Maintaining two blogs is proving hard work!

Several people keep asking what I’ll be doing when I’m on sabbatical in May, June and July later this year, so I thought I’d write a post about the research. I’ve been fortunate enough to be awarded an Arcadia Fellowship at Cambridge University Library. The work is going to be supervised by Professor John Naughton. I had my letter confirming the work today and I’m going to be working with Emma Coonan who some of you might know as the LibGoddess on Twitter.

The project is entitled the Cambridge Curriculum for Information Literacy and I hope to be developing a new curriculum for information literacy for the ‘digital age’. I’ll be hoping to interview lots of the key information literacy practitioners and researchers in the UK (and perhaps beyond) for their thoughts on the shape of this curriculum. I’ll also be looking at the SCONUL 7 pillars to consider how relevant this framework is and some new frameworks, such as the framework for digital literacy developed by FutureLab last year. I’m very much looking forward to LILAC 2011 as there are going to be a lot of useful sessions at the conference such as the session by Moira Bent and Ruth Stubbings on rebuilding the SCONUL 7 pillars.

It’s been a busy start to the term at LSE, we’re using our new training and development system for booking courses this term. I’m also chairing the Training and Development Group which is starting to get off the ground properly. Plus last week I ran another ‘web presence’ course with my colleague Matt and the writer and journalist Marina Benjamin. There was a lot of interest in blogging by the PhD students who attended the course.


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