First week in Cambridge

I started my Arcadia Fellowship this week and will be staying at Wolfson College, Cambridge during the week. I arrived on Monday afternoon in glorious sunshine and a biting wind. The College is a really friendly place and so far I’ve had a busy time of it!

I’ve managed to get myself registered, find my new office for the next 10 weeks, which is at CARET. I’ve also met the two other Arcadia Fellows, including Emma Coonan who I will be working with. Emma and I have done some great brain storming about what the Cambridge Curriculum for information literacy might look like. I’ve also met the Press Fellows based at Wolfson for the same time as me, and also supervised by John Naughton. On Tuesday Emma and I went to our first formal hall dinner at Wolfson, as John’s guest. It followed an Arcadia seminar given by Ed Chamberlain, a former Arcadia fellow from the Cambridge University Library. Thanks to Ed I am now online and have a Cambridge IT account. I also got to see a group of ducklings which have hatched in one of the quads at the UL (as they call the Library at Cambridge). I don’t yet have a bicycle, but I do know where to hire a punt – very close to my new office. I also found the English faculty and went to a fascinating brown bag lunch discussion organised by Libby Tilley on the new SCONUL 7 pillars model. Tomorrow I’ll be back at English talking to a group of librarians about the training we provide postgrads at LSE. I was wondering earlier today why I felt so tired and now I think I know!


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