The digital literacy advisor advises Cambridge

LILAC 2011 International event

Just before I left LSE I was officially given a new job title of Copyright and Digital Literacy Advisor. I’ve not had a chance to tell people about it as the notification from HR came on my last day in the office. However, I feel since I’ve arrived at Cambridge this new job title is really helpful in explaining to people what I do on a day to day basis. I did a talk last week to a group of Cambridge librarians about the support for postgraduates we provide at LSE. My slides are on SlideShare. It was a good chance to meet people and visit the English Faculty library where Libby Tilley and Niamh Tumlety work.

Niamh also gave me some useful advice about running a TeachMeet, which I’m doing for the CoFHE London and South East Group on the 23rd May. I’ll be back at English tomorrow and now I have my bicycle I’m really finding my way around Cambridge.

This evening Wolfson College had a poster presentation as part of their research day. I dropped in on my way back from a great afternoon at the Education Department library. During the poster session I ended up chatting with a teaching fellow about supporting PhD students and some of the web presence courses we’ve been running at LSE. Consequently this evening I spent time with a small group including four of the Wolfson Press Fellows running an informal blogging training session! We had a lot of fun, I was showing them WordPress, but we also talked a bit about your web presence (by Googling each other) and about using RSS to read the web more effectively. It could become a regular weekly session and I hope everyone gets on well with their blogs they set up this evening. I might have to enlist Matt Lingard to come up to Wolfson and help out with one of these sessions. I’m sure when I explain we ran the session in the bar and ended with wine he’ll agree to help me out! I’m rather enjoying being a digital literacy advisor to other researchers, even if its not exactly what I’m here for! It’s been a really busy week, but I’m also pleased to report Emma and I now have a short blurb about our project on the Arcadia website and we have some interviews lined up with some information literacy experts later this week and next week.


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