Expert consultation workshop

Lupins in Sweden

I’m well over half way through my time in Cambridge now and next week we have organised an expert consultation workshop where Emma and I will present a draft of our findings and an outline curriculum to a group. It includes some Cambridge people as well as other information literacy experts from around the UK. We also hope to put the material onto our wiki we’ve been using, so we can gather feedback more widely. It’s a busy time of year (despite being the end of term) and several people can’t attend our workshop as they are at the I3 conference. However, we do have a good bunch of people coming along and we’ve order them a nice lunch (and wine!) and the opportunity to visit Wolfson College.

Our methodology has been to use what we are calling ‘modified Delphi’ approach, meaning we are consulting with experts to help us predict the future and develop a revolutionary information literacy curriculum. The first phase involved carrying out interviews either via e-mail over the phone or in many cases face to face. I forgot how much I disliked transcribing though – but I find it so hard to just make notes from an interview and the full transcript gives us the opportunity to use some of the really nice quotes from people. We’ve been busy coding the data and devised an elaborate coding scheme which is working really well.
I’m nervous about next week’s workshop, but also looking forward to it. We also have a seminar at 6pm the same day given by the four Press Fellows who are at Wolfson at the same time as me. And then we’ll all attend the Formal Hall in the evening to celebrate what we hope will be a successful day! It will be a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues who have agreed to come along and I’m really pleased that John Naughton has agreed to be there all day. Wish us luck!


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