Teachers and librarians: we need to work together

This week in Cambridge I visited the Education Faculty to meet a group of trainee science secondary school teachers and a group of early years trainee teachers. The teachers were attending their last formal teaching session of the year and for the science teachers it was a web 2.0 training day. The primary teachers kindly agreed to chat to us with their tutor over lunch and we got some fascinating insights some of which we hope to share at the Expert Workshop Emma and I are organising next week. For those not able (or not invited!) to this event, we have create an online set of resources and a feedback form, which will be available next week from our wiki.

Thursday was a fabulous day and a real insight into what teachers are taught during their postgraduate course, and what they think of libraries and information literacy. I’m so pleased that we are starting to embed information literacy into our teaching qualification at LSE. But what was clear during the day, was the clear importance of teachers getting a positive experience of libraries while they do their PGCE. This is something Cambridge is very good at and Angela and Emma-Jane at the Faculty of Education library are doing a wonderful job supporting the trainee teachers but also ensuring they take with them a positive experience of libraries and of librarians. However, I know many colleagues in school libraries are not valued as part of the teaching team. It’s difficult for me to see what I can do, but colleagues in education libraries are critical here.
We’ll be running an event when I get back to LSE as part of the dissemination for the DELILA project, to share some of our information and digital literacy resources including the materials we have developed for our PGCert. If you are interested in attending the event then further details are on the DELILA website. The event is free and open to anyone interested in sharing open educational resources in this field.


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