Workshop planning: why logistics don’t always matter

Sweet peas in my gardenOn Tuesday Emma and I ran an expert consultation workshop where we invited a small group to come to Wolfson College to see interim findings from our research. We were keen to get feedback on the aspects of the curriculum, the structure of it and any supporting documents we might need to support the curriculum. Our experience on Tuesday morning between 9.30 and 10.30 prove that logistics are not crucial to the smooth running of an event! In fact sometimes it’s just important to get the right people together in a room and you can have a brilliant day!
While IT wasn’t crucial to the session we did want to present to the group and have also put a lot of resources online on a wiki, so our first logistical problem was the fact the wifi was ‘flaky’ in the room we were using. For flaky read – it didn’t work! We then had to reorganise the room moving about heavy furniture, hunt for an adapter to plug the projector into my MacBook, and scrabble about to find an extension lead so we could put the equipment where we needed it!

The fun continued when we discovered the Arcadia administrator, who was no where to seen during this, was in fact at home making lunch for our 14 delegates as the lunch order hadn’t been received by the outside catering firm! The delegates started arrived and finding the door to get into the venue was more challenging than you might think and many people ended up coming via a kitchen or ending up in a shower room while trying to get into the building. The lights had blown in the entrance hall which made it even more hazardous to find the room.

Emma and I didn’t have a moment to worry if the participants would actually like our curriculum and launched into presenting just after 11am. All our logistical worries faded away once we got into the content and we had some fantastic discussion about the factors to consider when planning and implementing an information literacy curriculum. Lunch turned out to be fabulous (and home made) and our delegates were excited and engaged with what we presented. We are still collecting feedback on the curriculum, via an online form and hope to start work on tweaking the curriculum next week, in time to finish by the 8th July. Wish us luck!


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