Returning to LSE with a new curriculum

My and my bicycle in Cambridge

As many of you know I’ve recently completed a secondment to Wolfson College, Cambridge as part of the Arcadia Programme at Cambridge University Library. I was working with Emma Coonan the Research Skills and Development Librarian at Cambridge to develop a new curriculum for information literacy. We were focusing on the needs of undergraduate students over the coming five years and have developed a holistic curriculum with ten strands that is designed to be embedded into the academic curriculum. It is not specifically designed to be taught by librarians, although we recognised in many institutions they will be leading the way with information literacy.

Further details about our project are on the Arcadia website. Most importantly 3 of the 4 outputs from the project (including the curriculum) are now on our project wiki.

If you have any questions about the research then please do get in touch. We hope to run some events to disseminate our research findings further so watch this space! I’m also now back at LSE and filled with enthusiasm after my time away. I just have the small matter of completing my JISC project DELILA before the end of August!


One thought on “Returning to LSE with a new curriculum

  1. Hi Jane, it would be great to have a dissemination event on this project. The Delila event was good and I’m really looking forward to hearing more about the outputs from Arcadia.


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