NetworkED goes live

Frescos from ancient Thira

Today saw the first seminar in our new series: NetworkED: technology in education which was a double excitement for me, as I have been working hard on this initiative since I came back from Cambridge, and I was giving the first seminar! I got the idea that CLT should run a seminar series partly from attending the Arcadia seminars while at Cambridge, but also after enjoying the reading group discussions in the PGCert that I now teach on. I started thinking that more discursive sessions are a lot more interesting than just running training sessions, plus in line with my thinking about information literacy, they offer more opportunities for learning through reflection. We can all bring something to learning, not just the teacher, and giving everyone a chance to participate in a session can be more challenging for the teacher, but also liberating too and really rewarding.
That said, today’s session took a fairly traditional format in that we delivering essentially a presentation, but we did live stream the event to allow anyone to watch from outside LSE. We also took questions via Twitter and from the floor and had an interesting discussion at the end with the mainly LSE audience. Myself, Emma and Helen Webster, who is a current Arcadia Fellow working on implementing our curriculum at Cambridge did a three way presentation. We have also recorded the event so if you missed it you can watch it from the website.

I am really pleased that our second seminar has been booked for 24th January, when Professor John Naughton will be speaking about his new book on the internet. Again we will be live streaming and hoping to try out a few other technologies. If you were watching the streaming I hope you enjoyed it today. All the resources are available from the NetworkED website or from our New Curriculum blog.


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