Annual lecture in Aber

I’ve just got back from Aberystwyth, where I was giving a lecture this morning at the Department of Information Studies, in the Information and Society module, this time on Information Literacy Research. I’m really pleased to be invited back to Aber at least once a year and enjoy reminiscing about the seven years I spent there, and catching up with old friends. I was met at the station last night by Lucy Tedd and we had a breezy walk along the prom and a warming pre-dinner drink at the Olive Branch on the front. We had a lovely meal with colleagues from DIS and the Head of Department, Gayner.

I had a 2 hour slot for my lecture from 10-12 this morning, so included some time for discussion and a coffee break. It was interesting to hear from the students about what information and digital literacy meant to them. Most used the term information literacy and quite a few students on the course this year from overseas talked about their experiences in school and public libraries. We talked about the challenges of getting staff to work with us over these initiatives. I gave an overview of the types of information and digital literacy support we provide at LSE and then briefly talked about the DELILA project and my Arcadia fellowship and the development of the new curriculum for information literacy. I hope that I inspired some of the students to perhaps consider doing their dissertation in this area. I also promoted the LILAC Student Awards to them before having a quick lunch at the Treehouse (my favourite cafe) and hopping on the train back to London.


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