Happy New Year – I’m on You Tube (again!)

Happy New Year! I’ve had a busy few weeks and also discovered since upgrading to Windows 7 / Office 2010 (which I like a lot) I can’t seem to get into my blog at work, which means I have to remember to write posts in the evening – and I’ve not got round to this until this evening. Actually it’s not a major problem as I do tend to spend most evenings with a laptop or ipad on my knee! I read today about a student exercise in one of LSE’s Media and Communications courses to get students to spend a day with no access to communications media and then to reflect on how the experience made them feel. Many of them struggled as I think I would. I can switch of my phone (I don’t Tweet every day or go on Facebook) but could I live without any communication media, if we count the radio, the TV and the internet? (I would certainly struggle to do my job).

Anyway, what’s all this about a You Tube video? Shortly before Christmas Helen Webster and Katy Wrathall, who were working on the Arcadia Fellowship to look at implementing the New Curriculum for Information Literacy in the Michaelmas Term, got in touch saying ‘John wants to make a video about ANCIL that will go viral.’ How we all laughed, the four of us in a video? It will never happen! But it has. It remains to be seen if it will go viral though! Do take a look at the You Tube video  and post any comments – John’s done a great introduction.

And we are all very much looking forward to running the first of our upcoming ANCIL workshops on Thursday at the libraries@cambridge event. We have a list of upcoming events on the New Curriculum Blog and don’t forget to take a look at the Implementing ANCIL wiki.


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