Supporting researchers: new courses on legal issues

Tomorrow sees the first in a series of new workshops we are running in CLT, in conjunction with the Library and LSE’s Legal and Compliance Team. The workshops are aimed at PhD students and researchers and ideally we hoped people might sign up for all three sessions which are held on a Tuesday lunchtime. The first session covers Freedom of Information requests – how to use them as a researcher, when not to use FOI and how to get the best response to requests. I am attending the session which is presented by Rachael Maguire, our FOI Officer.

Next week we have a workshop about Data Protection issues and what you need to know as a researcher. The week after is the final workshop covering copyright issues that concern researchers and PhD students. I will be running this workshop and it follows a short presentation I gave last week at the Research Students Consultative Forum. Since LSE now expects students to submit their thesis in electronic format and to put a copy in our open access repository LSE Thesis Online, copyright issues are becoming increasingly important. We had our first thesis which contained a significant amount of third party copyright in the form of over 100 photographs. As the student wanted to publish their thesis it was in their interest to get permission for inclusion of the photographs. But I am interested to see other theses that universities are making available do often contain third party images and some universities are using their take down policy. I hope the courses have good attendance and will report more on how they go.


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