It struck me today that the work I did at Cambridge with Emma Coonan to develop ANCIL (A New Curriculum for Information Literacy) is an example of an open educational resource. We have put the curriculum into LSE Research Online, the DSpace at Cambridge but it could be shared in the new database, LSE Learning Resources Online or perhaps we should deposited in Jorum?

Several people have asked about using ANCIL and it is licensed under Creative Commons, Attribution, ShareAlike licence, which means you are free to use it and adapt it provided you give credit to Emma and I and you share your work under a CC Licence. It occurs to me that it would be great to get people to upload their work to a information literacy OER collection, so someone searching for our work can find all the various adaptations that might develop. Otherwise how will we know what people are doing with our work? We need some sort of bibliometrics for measuring the re-use of teaching materials, similar to the citation analysis we have for research.
There also must be a better way to organise information literacy OERs to improve their findability, and it’s something I have been exploring with my DELILA project partner, Nancy Graham, but also something we have been talking to UNESCO about. As a start Nancy is going to update the list of OERs on the Information Literacy website, but if anyone has any bright ideas about how we could harvest resources from a variety of sources to build some sort of virtual collection, then do get in touch with me. Surely there must be lots of ideas from the library community about how we could organise these materials?

Both these projects are occupying my mind at the moment, and so I have created two new web pages recently, one on the ANCIL audit at LSE and another on OERs. Any feedback or comments is very welcome!


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