LILAC 2012: a quick round up

LILAC Networking Evening: Angela, Rosie, Me, Dan, Andy, Nancy and MichelleI’ve been away for a week so just got round to writing a short report about LILAC 2012 which was from 11th-13th April. More to follow, but this is just a quick round up of what was an exciting and stimulating event.

This year’s conference at Glasgow Caledonian University was our most international conference to date, with over 120 of the 350 delegates coming from outside the UK – the US, Canada, Sweden and Norway had the highest number of delegates. LILAC has really gained recognition as an important event internationally, which is amazing considering the conference is just 8 years old. It was a bitter sweet event for me, as I knew at the outset it would be my last LILAC for a while. I decided it was time to take a break from conference organising. It really is a lot of hard work that goes into the 3 days of LILAC and the dedicated conference committee are all volunteers doing this on top of their day job.

So in brief, what were the highlights for me? Each of our three keynotes this year was truly inspiring – Megan Oakleaf from Syracuse University, Lord David Puttnam and Tara Brabazon. In each case I thought, how would the next keynote top the earlier one and they all left me reeling. The finale of the conference was a return keynote address from Tara Brabazon. Her digital dieting performance was quite incredible and I was disappointed to find out the event hadn’t been recorded as I would dearly love to relive it! But it was an honour to introduce Tara at this year’s conference and to have her join us for the entire 3 days. It was also great to announce that she will be returning to the UK very shortly to take up a position at the University of Bolton.

I chaired a wide range of sessions, and in two cases had to chair my own sessions, including a workshop on my ANCIL research with Emma Coonan and Katy Wrathall and a fun symposium with Peter Godwin and Jo Parker where I put forward my ‘information literacy is like a pizza’ thesis. It was great to catch up with old friends, including my project partner from DELILA, Nancy Graham. We launched a survey about sharing information literacy resources as OERs, which is some work we are doing on behalf of UNESCO and the CILIP Information Literacy Group. It was also great to catch up with friends from previous conferences and to welcome those attending LILAC for the first time. The social events were as ever a real treat, particularly the conference dinner at the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow. Sheila Webber has done a great round up of some of the LILAC Blog posts. I will add further notes in due course but I have also got a range of photos – of mainly the social events online.


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