Adventures in information literacy

Irises on Lapad Island, Dubronik

I must apologise for not blogging regularly, I fully intended to write up more detailed notes from LILAC, but events over took me. I have also found a series of great blog posts from our delegates who offer more insights than a member of the organising committee often finds possible.

One reason for being so busy is I have taken on several new projects and responsibilities recently. It is probably now old news, but a few weeks ago I agreed to take on the role of editor of the Journal of Information Literacy, following the surprise resignation of our previous editor, Susie Andretta in March. It’s a real honour to edit a journal which has built up an excellent reputation in the field and is an open access journal. I have been getting to grips with the journal management system and have been really grateful to Cathie Jackson our managing editor, for her work in steering the journal on a steady course during this period of transition. We have an issue coming out in June, but the first issue I really get my teeth into will be out in December.

My work on the ANCIL audit of undergraduate skills at LSE is continuing and we have made an online survey available to staff and graduate teaching assistants at LSE. I’m encouraging them to take part in an interview where possible, as we try to build up a picture of undergraduate skills at LSE and how far the ANCIL curriculum is being supported. I wrote a recent post on the New Curriculum blog last week summarising this work. Emma and I are also busy as the contributions to our forthcoming Facet book on Rethinking Information Literacy, roll in from the contributors. We met today to discuss the book and also prepare for a JISC RSC NorthWest Event we are presenting at next Tuesday in Stockport.

Finally my work with Nancy Graham to consider how we best share information literacy materials globally as OERs is moving on. We had over 100 responses to our survey that we distributed at LILAC and sent out on various email lists. We have submitted a paper to present at the UNESCO OER World Congress in Paris next month and Nancy hopes to be attending the International Conference on Media and Information Literacy for Knowledge Societies in Moscow in June! I’ll be presenting at CILIP UC&R at the same time, but of course I do get to go to Finland in August.

And finally I was pleased this morning to be invited by CONUL, the Irish consortium of research libraries – similar to SCONUL, to present at their annual seminar on information literacy in Dublin in June. It’s going to be a busy few months


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