On the go!

For those of you following me on Twitter you’ll know I’ve been here, there and everywhere recently. Last week I was in Paris, at UNESCO at the OER World Congress. I have written up a short blog post on the DELILA blog about this event and you’ll find the slides of the presentation I gave with Nancy Graham on the UNESCO website. We were speaking about sharing information literacy resources as open educational resources.

It was a fabulous opportunity to be part of the event, to meet so many people and also to visit UNESCO, which is actually a fascinating building – a little like a museum. It was built in the late 1950s and from the air looks like a tripod. It has a lot of space below ground level, and stunning views across to the Eiffel Tower, from the seventh floor where the restaurant is.

I’ve also now put my slides online from the CONUL event in Dublin on the 14th June. Then earlier this week I was in Newcastle, attending the first CILIP ARLG Conference, which is the new group formed from UC&R (University, Colleges and Research) and COFHE (FE librarians). Emma and I were running a workshop which was quite similar to those we did earlier in the year at LILAC and ALDinHE on the New Curriculum and how you can use it to carry out an institutional audit. I also had a chance to say more about the exciting work we are doing at LSE on this topic. We are almost coming to the end of the interview process and did the last focus group with students yesterday, which was a chance to hear how they think the library should support them.

Finally, this is a weekend of editing and amending the chapters for our new Facet book, Rethinking Information Literacy. It is due at Facet on Monday, so on that note I had better get back to it!


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