Turning my training into development opportunities

I’m really enjoying the SEDA Summer School, not just the beautiful Cumberland Lodge and the Great Park at Windsor, but the chance to meet lots of new people who share my interests and to really spend some time thinking about how to implement a framework for digital literacies at my own institution. I’ve enjoyed the sessions today, on digital identities, personal learning networks, open practice (by Lindsey Jordan from the University of the Arts) and a session on workshop planning facilitated by David Baume. It’s started me really thinking about what I call the ‘training’ that we offer in terms of digital literacy. The need to have a clear outcome from a session so you can evaluate if it really has been effective. The difference between aims, learning outcomes and actual outcomes. I have realised that some of the workshops I run perhaps don’t have a clear outcome for the participants, (or I don’t give them time to work so they can take something away!) and some of the training I do (hands-on how to create a blog, how to use Twitter) is much more outcome focused. An interesting observation, but I also heard so many ideas from other learning technologists on how to run training on technology enhanced learning, what works, what doesn’t. The need to run sessions on course design and what a good course in Moodle looks like, rather than focusing on the nuts and bolts of how to upload files! Of course people need to mechanics, but surely we can give them more than that, otherwise, no wonder they treat learning technologists like technologists and not curriculum designers, or people who might know about pedagogy. One to think about at our team away day on Friday this week perhaps? Also lots to reflect on for the sessions I run in the PGCert and I have a plan for a workshop on open education – thanks Lindsey!


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