Joining up student support

Macaroons in Paris I’m busy analysing the data we’ve collected during the ANCIL LSE project. Maria Bell, Katy Wrathall and I will be presenting a workshop at the IFLA information literacy Satellite meeting in 2 weeks time in Tampere, Finland. As well as being really excited about my first trip to Finland, I’m looking forward to sharing some of the findings from our survey at LSE and we are running a workshop so people get to try out using some of our resources.

At LSE we have interviewed and surveyed academics, other service providers, librarians and the course team for our core undergraduate course, LSE100. We weren’t really sure what we would find out or whether this would be an effective way of engaging people with information literacy, but what we hoped was we might be able to improve support for our undergraduates and maybe join up provision a little better. Already we are finding lots of interest and possible opportunities to work together  and today had a really useful discussion with the Teaching and Learning Centre about running some joint workshops for students. Similarly we have talked to Careers about doing some sessions on finding information for jobs, getting access to resources as an alumni and managing your digital footprint. We also talked about developing and coordinating our online support and yesterday came up with the idea of a programme of seminars for third year students to help them make the transition into the workplace and become lifelong learners.

Our work won’t be finished completely for IFLA but we certainly have plenty to report. I’ll also make sure we share our slides next week before heading to Finland.


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