Getting the whole picture

Fallen tree in Knole Park, Sevenoaks

Tomorrow I am off to Tampere in Finland to the IFLA satellite meeting on information literacy, aptly named ‘The road to information literacy‘. For me it feels like a journey from where I started at LSE in the User Education team in the Library to where I am now in the Centre for Learning Technology. And the journey continues as my department looks set to become integrated within the larger Information Management Technology department at LSE. Working in a very small team has many advantages as you have to build good links with those around you in your institution. I thought things were well coordinated and joined up but the survey of information literacy using the broad ANCIL framework, suggests there is still much work to do, particularly at undergraduate level. For me this is largely because something so important as information literacy can’t be the responsibility of just one department or service, so collaboration is really essential.

Katy, Maria and I are running a workshop on Friday where we hope to start people off on their road to information literacy, or if they are well on their way already, perhaps provide some additional directions or maps to guide their journey. If you are attending the conference do come along to our workshop on Friday afternoon where we will share some findings to date and give an overview about how to use ANCIL as an audit tool. If you are not attending I have made the slides available on Slideshare.


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