Project CO-PILOT is live as I take a short break

It’s that time of year when I am seriously in need of a holiday before we get too close to term starting again. After all the traveling of this year, you would think I would be tired of it, but in fact there is nothing I like more to unwind than to explore a new place, try the local food and drinks, and spend time outdoors in the sunshine, so the glorious island of Madeira is calling me!

But before I jet off I must introduce CO-PILOT. This is the catchy title Nancy Graham and I have come up with for our latest project, the Community of Practice for Information Literacy Open Teaching. Well I think that is what is stands for, but my memory is a little hazy! We have set up a JISCMAIL discussion list (IL-OERS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK) for anyone interested in sharing their information literacy teaching materials as OERs. We have also created a wiki as a place to share ideas. And we made our survey report on Librarians, Information Literacy and OERs available last week on the DELILA Project website. The initiative is a spin off from DELILA, where we really felt there must be a way to facilitate the sharing of information literacy resources across the UK. Over 50 people have joined our list and we had a really lively workshop a few weeks ago, so fingers crossed we can get this off the ground!


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