Reviewing the NetworkED seminar series

I’ve had to write a report last week for LSE’s Annual Fund, who funded the new seminar series we launched in my department last year. Known as NetworkED: technology in education, the series brought a number of speakers to LSE to present to staff, students and some invited guests. However, the key feature of this series was that we tried out a variety of lightweight technologies to amplify the series. So we used Twitter and the hashtag #LSENetED to allow people to follow the seminar remotely, but also post questions for the speaker. We live streamed the events, purchasing some new, but fairly inexpensive kit to do this. You can read the blog post from my colleague Darren Moon about how we did this. It’s worked well and so we have a schedule on the website for speakers we are lining up for next academic year. Our first speaker will be Diana Laurillard from the Institute of Education, speaking about Teaching as a Design Science.

If you would like to watch any of the seminars from last year they are all available on our website. The seminars are quite hard work to set up, but a really useful experiment to find out how you can live stream an event to potentially reach a global audience. It’s also seen a number of challenges, including technical and legal issues we need to consider when ‘broadcasting’ in this way. For example, we now have a release form our presenters sign to allow us to licence the recordings under Creative Commons, but also to protect LSE from any potential copyright infringement, through presenters including third party copyright in their presentations. Do tune in on the 10th October at 3pm to our latest seminar!


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