Reading and writing group

Birds roosting at Raglan Castle

I’ve not posted for a while as between work I’ve been really busy working on the Journal of Information Literacy which I took over editing in April. I’ve also just finished marking my third set of assignments for Aberystwyth University where I am a module tutor on a distance learning course. Plus Emma and I have been finalising our new book on ANCIL being published by Facet which we hope will hit the book shelves before Christmas.

It all means I spend am increasing amount of time writing, editing and reading often about information literacy or libraries more widely. Last week while pondering this I wondered about whether to set up a group to support reading and writing amongst London Librarians. When I was in Cambridge last year I really enjoyed their brown bag lunches where we read an article and discussed it. I had thought about setting a group up at LSE but wondered out loud on Twitter a few days ago if other London librarians might be interested  in joining us. So my thought is to have an informal get together after work in the next few weeks. I think I’ll suggest everyone reads a specific article before the meeting for the first time but then in future be more flexible as people may wish to share drafts of their own writing. I’ve had some interest so once we have a date I’ll post on my blog but 6th or 8th November look likely! I’ve really excited!


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