Review of 2012

Gentle Jane's cafe

A lovely cafe I discovered in Monmouthshire

It’s almost the end of the year and my final day in the office tomorrow, so I thought I would take a few moments to think about what’s happened this year in my world. I’ve done a reasonable amount of traveling with work, all around the UK, but also to Paris (to UNESCO with Nancy Graham), to Dublin to give a CONUL keynote and to Finland to the IFLA Satellite meeting. I’ve  been to Cardiff University (twice!) most recently to their Information Literacy Away Day and also to deliver Copyright Training. Where else? I’ve been to Glasgow for LILAC and to ALDinHE in Leeds. And I went to Aberystwyth to give a lecture at the Department of Information Studies. You can track these trips via my SlideShare account but I have been mostly talking about information literacy, digital literacy, open educational resources, librarians as teachers and occasionally copyright issues. I do feel that what used to be quite separate interests of mine in copyright and e-learning and information literacy seem to have become increasingly inseparable. Which can only be a good thing.

This year was also a chance to hang up my dancing shoes and retire from the LILAC Conference Committee, but take on the new challenge of editing the Journal of Information Literacy. I’ve also had a chance to build on the work I started last year with Emma Coonan, developing ANCIL or A New Curriculum for Information Literacy, actually investigating information and digital literacy at my own institution, LSE in terms of provision for undergraduate students. I’m hoping to be able to share the report externally in the New Year.

And I was fortunate to get a new project, just a short JISC / HEA study, building on the work Nancy Graham and I started with DELILA. We launched the CoPILOT project in October this year and are in the process of finalising the report at the moment. This project is exploring building an international community of practice for OERs in the information literacy field and we are testing out an online community platform that is hosted by UNESCO. And related to this we have set up a UK group also called CoPILOT to support the sharing of IL OERs in the UK. We held our first meeting last month and recently were approved as a committee reporting to the CILIP Information Literacy Group.

My work on the UUK Copyright Working Group has continued and negotiations started recently over a new CLA HE licence. I’ve sadly said farewell to my good friend and colleague Lyn Parker from the University of Sheffield who retires tomorrow and was a great source of knowledge and support this working group with me over the past 4 years or so. And another good friend Gwyneth Price, also retired from the Institute of Education a month and a half ago. Gwyneth and I worked on several projects and presented together at conferences such as Elit way back in 2004-5, where we took a memorable trip to New York, and more recently when we toured a raft of conferences in Greece!

Finally, tomorrow is I hope the launch date of my new book, edited with Emma Coonan, entitled Rethinking Information Literacy and published by Facet. I’m grateful to all the fantastic contributors who wrote a chapter in this book: Saran Pavey, Isla Kuhn, Moira Bent, Andy Priestner, Libby Tilley, Helen Webster, Katy Wrathall, Geoff Walton, Jamie Cleland, Lyn Parker and Clare McCluskey.  If you are stuck for Christmas presents, do think about ordering your copy! We hope to have a book launch in the new year and if all the contributors come along it should be quite a party! Have a wonderful holiday everyone and see you in 2013!


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