Librarians as researchers


Approaches to time

Last Friday, Emma and I trekked to York St John University, one of my favourite places not least because some good friends happen to work there! I’m also a big fan of the wonderful historic city centre and some of the lovely shops!

We were invited to present at a CILIP Academic and Research Libraries group event organised by the Yorkshire and Humberside branch entitled Librarians as Researchers. Emma has posted a summary of our talk on thew New Curriculum blog entitled And now for something different. Our presentation is on Slideshare.  It was actually a lot of fun putting together a talk about how to do research as part of your day job. We made it interactive and I hope people found it inspiring and useful. Doing research as part of your day job is hard work, but I think it is also so rewarding and keeps things interesting. I hope our eight tips are useful for other wannabe researchers. And not that Emma and I want to stop talking about ANCIL, because we don’t but it’s equally important to talk about how and why you do something, not just what you found out! However, speaking about findings, the key recommendations from my ANCIL report at LSE are now on our ANCIL at LSE website and I hope our report will be in LSE Research Online by the end of the week.


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