All of a whirl


I think the saying is “it never rains then it pours” or something and that sums up the last week. After battling with getting some recognition for the importance of digital and information literacies for the best part of 10 years all of a sudden I have a paper at a committee next week! It’s on the back of the ANCIL at LSE study I carried out last year that we finally published in LSE Research Online last week. It’s been circulated internally for a while though.

But in addition, we had a party to celebrate the launch of Rethinking Information Literacy last night. We also have a NetworkEd seminar from colleagues at Cardiff later today on their digital and information Literacy strategy. We’ll be recording and it will in on the NetworkEd website. And an exciting project with a school in Hackney on information Literacy too might be in the pipeline!

Also this week I’ve had a visitor from Norway – Karen Marie Overn who I met at Lilac and who works at Gjovik University College. We have had a great few days talking about embedding information literacy, the role of the librarian and the challenges and highlights of working in this field! So many similarities between our (very different) institutions. What a week!


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