Mover and Shaker 2013

Jane Secker

Mover and Shaker 2013

It has just been announced that I was selected by Library Journal as a 2013 Mover and Shaker. I think it’s quite rare for someone from outside the US to get one of these awards and I was nominated as an ‘Advocate’ for my information literacy work. I’m really excited by the news and you can read the story in full here. I know that I have Emma Coonan and Andrew Walsh to thank for nominating me, both very inspiring people to work with! I also want to thank Nancy Graham who worked with me on the DELILA and CoPILOT projects and is also another person I have the fortune to work with professionally. And of course all the Information Literacy Group, past and present LILAC Committee members and the JIL team. And my fabulously supportive boss, Steve Ryan and the rest of my colleagues at LSE. This is sounding like an Oscar speech so I will stop now!

In honour of the occasion I have been giving my blog a bit of a face lift, so if you can’t find something that’s why!


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